HAPPY ROOM – Bloody Rag-doll Room Simulator

Welcome to the lab of torture! This evaluations are chosen up on elastic human clones using new weapon technologies and you’re incharge to mind to these experiments! HAPPY ROOM can be actually a very violent, but comical rag-doll video game, at which you are able to unleash your anger without harming anyone. It’s free and available on the web. Input a joyful room and begin torturing the rag-doll person as unkind as you wish to! At the start of the video game, walls, ceiling and floor of this lab room are vacant, and that means you’ve got plenty of room to put in various sorts of firearms, firearms and explosives. Your aim from the joyful Space video game will be to create just as much damage as you can to a random. The further damage you create the additional cash you could get to purchase new weapons such as generators, portals, piranhas and possibly even creatures and unlock a sandbox manner.

There are 4 varieties of traps and weapons available from the video game: flame guns, melee, explosives as well as also miscellaneous. Choose a weapon and then haul it into the room space, regions where you are able to put a selected weapon have been signaled using a green lighting. Damage points have been displayed on the pub on very top of the display, so you are going to get cash only in the event that you beat your old score. Click the top side pub to find all of obtainable challenges. The joyful ROOM video game also lets you observe just how much can you hurt a specific body component of this dummy, you only need to click the individual icon at the left upper part of this screen. Every portion of your human body has an alternative limitation, from 139 into 1147 points. Demolish the physique area completely for additional cash. Have some fun but remember it is simply a video game!

Make use of a MOUSE to choose and set weapons and traps and then click the play button at the base of the screen to enable the random fall. From the HAPPY room-you might even control the rate of this experimentation, simply press the amounts close to play with button. After the experiment is finished, press the play button to wash out the space and prepare the brand new experimentation.

You can readily win with just portal sites, one at the top and one below.

Place piranhas directly below where you startusing a mace in every corner for maximum harm.

Stuck in this video game? See our walkthrough video!


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